Sumach on windy day near lake Ontario

Crows Dancing in the Strong Wind by Lake Ontario

At this spot on lake Ontario there is a hill and when the wind is right an updraft is formed.
I came to check out my boats and saw these crows playing. The birds were not eating or chasing anything, just gliding and nosediving and having a fabulous time.

It's always fun to stumble on little scenes of the private lives of animals.

Crows flying on a windy day near lake Ontario Crows playing near lake Ontario Crows flying very fast in high wind Crows  near lake Ontario Near the lakeshore in Toronto I found some crows having fun Crows flying  near lake Ontario when there was lots of wind Crow buddies hanging out and having a spin in the high wind Crows flying and gliding in tremendous gusts.

About a dozen crow were playing in an updraft by Lake Ontario. The wind was really strong and they had to work hard to manage to go upwind at all. The Crows were going up and down gliding in the strong currents. The birds were excited, calling and yelling to each other. The crows played for about a half hour then went and rested higher up where they could just glide. The weather was wild and the gusts huge. Just a bit further a troupe of seagulls was doing exactly the same.

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